Frequently Asked Questions

  • No Warranty for As Is Equipment (There are no returns for as is equipment)
  • 30 Day Warranty for Cleaned & Serviced Equipment
  • 30 Day Warranty for Fully Refurbished Equipment
  • Extended Warranties can be purchased
  • There are no returns for as is equipment
  • 60 day swap out period for Cleaned & Serviced Equipment
  • 60 day swap out period for Fully Refurbished Equipment

We ask customers to send us photos of their equipment, and then we determine if we’d like to sell it and for what commission the owner would receive.

We deliver to the Lower Mainland & ship within Canada.

We Carry A Wide Selection Of Used Fitness Equipment!

From as is to fully refurbished fitness equipment!

You can mix in match to customize your gym at a fraction of the cost!

Fit On Sale – Redefining Used Fitness Equipment!